Our approach

A definitive Focus on the future

Respectful of the earth’s resources as well as your desired budget, before proposing a strategy we conduct a thorough survey to identify what furniture already exists. Where possible we find opportunities to re-use and re-purpose it in imaginative ways, without any compromise to design and finish.

What is no longer required we look to give a second life, either through donations to charity partners, recycling or re-selling in the second-hand marketplace.

What is F-Waste?

22 million pieces of furniture are discarded each year in the UK, the majority is sent directly to landfill and bulky office furniture is the primary source of what the industry calls f-waste. Aside from the impact on our natural environment, there is a financial cost to this wastage too.

Our solution

We can’t solve the global issue of furniture waste on our own, however with our more sustainable approach we hope to demonstrate that great office design is possible, without costing the Earth.

Sustainable approach

Key principles

Furniture audit

Before we put together proposals for new furniture, it’s important to assess what you already have. We can comprise full audits of your existing furniture

To help us consult on what you require and what you no longer need.

Flexible furniture strategy

Where possible we look to re-upholster and restore your existing furniture. This not only extends the lifespan of these products, but can help it work within your design scheme, as well as save you money along the way.

Environmentally conscious partners

It’s important to know where your furniture comes from. We pre-qualify our manufacturers to ensure that they adhere to the best production standards, but also the products you buy can be recycled in the future. We also have great experience delivering WELL and BREEAM schemes.

Sustainable materials

We can assist with ensuring your new furniture is manufactured with sustainability in mind. Whether specifying natural or recycled fabrics, using woods and metals that are sustainably sourced or championing innovative materials that are driving change.

Circular disposal

Where your old furniture is going is just as important as where your new furniture is coming from. We partner with second hand re-sellers as well as partners that circulate and deliver to schools and charities.

There may be items that we cannot find a home for, we make it the highest priority to ensure these are ethically disposed of if they cannot be recycled.

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